Friday, March 8, 2013

Redding California Boudoir Portrait Photographers

Want to see more?  This is my OLD LAME BLOG...check out my new one!  Hopefully, not as lame! lol!  I actually like the content on this blog, just not the look of it!

This post is about boudoir and glamour portrait photography in Redding, CA by me...Jamie Solorio!  So, please take the leap over to my new site at Jamie Solorio Photography or blog HERE.



Friday, February 22, 2013

Nikon Back Button Focus

Back Button Focus!  I am sorry if you made it all the way here to my site to read about Back Button Focus for Nikon lovers!  I actually have the tutorial posted on my new and updated blog Jamie Solorio Photography Blog if you would like to check it out!

Are you asking yourself why there are no pictures on this old blog of mine?  Well, my dear hubby was helping me out by setting up my new phone and accidentally deleted them all through the cell phone...crazy...who would of thunk it!  Anyhow, please very careful if you get a new phone and you are asked to delete your pictures! lol!  The good news is I have been meaning to start up a new blog anyhow, so this was the jump start I needed.  So, having said that...please check it out!


Newborn Photography Tips

Please visit my new site HERE to get some great tips on posing adorable newborn babies for photography portraits.  Also, sorry about the lack of images on this site!  They were accidentally deleted by my hubby who was setting up my new phone!  Oh well, good reason to start a new blog and website anyhow!  To view more of my work, please visit or you can click HERE to see my site.

New New New {Jamie Solorio Photography}

If you happen upon this little OLD blog of mine, you will see something a bit off.  Hmmmm.... where did all the images go? lol!  Well, funny thing is...I recently got a new phone and as my hubby was kind enough to set it up for me, he accidentally deleted all the images off of all of my blogs!  Yikes!  Be ware out there, so this does not happen to you.  I was fine with it, and just created a new better blog!  Now, if I would just post more often!

Here is a sneak peek from a maternity session I did 2 weeks ago and to view more images please visit the new blog Jamie Solorio Photography Blog  to see more of this adorable maternity session in Redding, Ca.  Or you can always check out a larger portfolio of my work at or simply click HERE

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Do It!!!!

Okay....if you haven't heard of this contest yet...then you should go visit .  I am seriously really wanting to get this one...would be Ah-Mazing!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

MOVED....Check it out!

Out with the old and in with the new! Please visit my new blog site at

Though...I am still in the process of adding all my sessions to it...I am a bit behind. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flash Practice {Jamie Solorio Portrait Photography of Redding, CA}

Thank you so much twin for your help tonight!  Also, a special thanks to my real sister, Erin for helping me too!  Oh...I can't forget Ryan too...thanks for that delicious round of Bloody Mary's and our fries! 

Some specifics about this shoot.  I used TTL flash in a soft box, some bare speed light, and max sync speed of 1/250th.  Metered for the ambient light in all cases and adjusted light on Mirandi from the flash!  I also worked on short lighting tonight! :)

To see more of my work...well, natural light photography please visit  I am still trying to wrap my lil brain around this off camera flash bit! :)