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These are some of my tutorials and other sites based on some web surfing or my own experimentation.  This entire blog is all about my trials, errors, and a journal of my experiences with photography.  Hopefully others might find these tid bits interesting.

Triptych Tutorial  
 Silhouette Tutorial

Landscape Tutorial

Spinning Tutorial

Aperture Tutorial
Sun Flare Tutorial

Sun Flare Post Processing

Shutter Speed Tutorial

Color Tint Fix

Create Infared Red Images

Color with an Adjustment Layer for a Cool/Warm Image

Saturating a Sunset with a Gradient Fill

Creating Smiles

CM Top 10 Tutorials Ever

Skin Color Tutorial

Naturally Increase Light

Matching Skin Tones

Reducing Noise in an Image with Channels

Classy Sepia Look

Percise Postioning - Smart and Easy

Keyboard Shortcuts

PS Time Savers

Compositing Tips

Retro Look with Curves

ISO Tutorial

Metering Tutorial

White Balance

Blur Tool, Smudge Tool, Content Aware Tutorial

Natural Lighting in Photography: Finding the Right Shade aka Open Shade

Blogger Menu Buttons and Page Linking

Changing Photoshop Workspace Background Color

Color Profiles

Mid Day Portraits

Creating a Brush or Watermark and Saving it as an .abr File

Having Trouble with Images Uploading Lighter on Flickr or the Web?

Lower ISO Settings

Fun Tutorials

Shadow and Highlights

My Favorite Tutorials from Other Websites

Random Photoshop Tips

Great Fine Art Composite Tutorial

CS5 Surface Blur and Add Noise for Smoother Skin


Shooting the Moon

Creating Realistic Light Beams

Creamy Skin Tones

Holga - Medium Format Look

No Copy Code

Flash - Creative Lighting Nikon

Natural Looking Flash

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