Monday, August 16, 2010

Next photo shoot ideas...

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I am going to be taking some pictures of my little sister and her son, my nephew Cody this Thursday.  So, what am I going to do about poses?  Just the two of them...hmmmm....  I have decided to start this post and just write down ideas that are floating around in my head as the week goes on.  Hopefully, by Thursday I will have several ideas so we aren't just staring at each other. :)  Another reason I like to do this is when I can visualize the outcome of the photo before I take usually ends up being a pretty good shot.

1.  Holding hands in a field, silhouette/and the blank farmer like know the one from the old guy and his wife holding the pitch fork picture.
2.  My sister kissing Cody's forehead with the sun setting in the background, close-up.
3. My sister's arms wrapping around Cody's neck and torso in a bear hug from behind.  Hopefully he will be giggling during this embrace.
4.  My sisters arm around Cody's shoulder and his had holding her hand/both standing straight towards camera and her head looking off to the side too.
5. Walking hand in hand down a path from the front/side and from behind/ have subjects off center.  Also have each one look towards me while other looking down path.  Several shots can be taken here.
6. Erin standing looking at something(back to me) while holding Cody's hand.  Have Cody turn and look my way.
7. Both Cody and Erin back to back holding hands, crop off Erin's head so hands and Cody are the focal points.  Angled picture.
8. If both are comfortable with this one, have Cody rest his head on Erin's upper of him looking at me, off to the distance, and eyes looking down.  Erin either looking straight at camera, off to side, or head down kissing his with her eyes closed.
9. Forehead to forehead, no laughing!!!! Right, smiles and giggles are what I am after here.
10.  Back to back while sitting, one looking off in distance other looking at camera.  Can have Cody's feet straight out in front of him, my sisters in a triangle or visa versa.  Cody fiddling with something, like a tall weed and not paying attention...Erin looking my direction.
11. Close up full frame filled with cheek to cheek, second person off in distance in soft focus.  Both looking same direction and one person sitting just a bit taller in the background.  To see their profiles next to each other to show their likeness.
12. A picture of them sitting on something tall and their knees and feet dangling down.
13. Running hand in hand down a weed like hill, one person barley in front of the other.
14. Jumping Silhouettes are fun too.
15. Cody in foreground off center in sharp focus with thumbs in pant pockets with cool kid pose looking off and straight to camera, my sister in background off center in other direction with coolish pose.  I can see it in my  mind, but hard to describe their poses.  Coolish pose sounds pretty cheese ball, but I think this will be a fun shot.

Well, I guess that is all for tonight.  I think my tapping on the keyboard as my hubby is trying to sleep next to me in bed is a little disturbing.  Speaking of my hubby, he bought me CS5 today!!!!  Super excited to try it out!!!!

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