Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shot of the Day X's 2...

Well, here are my shots for yesterday and today. I am not in love with them. The one of my daughter at the park is neat since it has diagonals going both directions, which I like, along with the angle of the photo...however she is not in crisp focus. I was trying to use manual focus the entire time to get better at it. The reason I want to be really good at manual focus is that my camera allows me to click the shutter button way faster if I do the focusing. When the camera does it for me, I notice a huge delay and miss shots. So, most of my shots were not crisp...but I am not giving up yet.

The other photo was zoomed in, and is just okay too. I think it would of been better for me to have had my daughter hold it closer to her light colored shirt, since the turtle was dark. That way the turtle would of been easier to distinguish from the dark background. But, I do like the composition of the photo with her hand filling the frame at a slight angle.

I really like doing this each day for several reasons. First, I feel like it is an assignment and I have to actually get my camera out and take some pictures each and every day. Doing this is going to make me a better photographer. I am learning how to focus manually, which like I said earlier will help me shoot faster. Also, I am working on my composition constantly. Lastly, even though I am not getting the perfect shot each time, I am able to look at my photos and critique them and only learn from my mistakes. Which there are plenty of!!! There is only one way to get good, and that is to get out there and actually use that camera! :) As my good friend Kelly would say, "DO IT!"

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  1. Again - explaining it in human terms makes sense. I've been wondering what the heck is taking so long with the shutter. Now I know that it's the auto focus.
    In situations where I can trust my bleary eyes, I prefer the manual focus.
    Keep it coming, Jamie...thank you!