Saturday, July 31, 2010


I am so very excited today!  Tracey Clark from the Picture Summer class I was taking asked if I would like to be featured in a post for Shutter Sisters!  Holy cow, that is so stinking cool.  What a compliment! 

On a very different note, I have been messing around with my blog...not so good at HTML code!!!  I ended up just going for one of the free custome templates and am just going to leave it alone.  I really want to have those little page buttons under the header, but can't figure it out.  One day, maybe...

Here is a picture I took of Kya the other day, just something fun to look at...


  1. Holy Cow, indeed!...Shutter Sisters?!?!
    Amazingly awesome, Jamie! I'm thrilled for you.
    I love watching your progress. You're leaving us in the dust.

  2. I'm soo proud of Jamie!I have always known how talented you are, now everyone else get's to see!