Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adorable Teen's Photo's from this Weekends Session - Redding, Ca Teen/Senior Portraits


Thanks Sara, you were so much fun to take pictures of!  There were so many good pictures of you, I had a really hard time not going crazy editing them all!  These images were taking downtown Redding, CA and it was so cool just to walk around and see what our little town has to offer.  Of course, it always pays to have a super cute teen to pose for me! 

On a different note...my photography website...Jamie Solorio Photography of Redding, CA is up and running.  So, please check it out!  http://www.jamiesoloriophotography.com/.  I did a little survey on Facebook about whether or not to include music.  Majority of people who answered said "No" to the music.  I did put one song on, but you actually have to click the play button on the right side of the screen to get it to play.  The song was just one of the freebie songs they offered, if I was to actually put music up...it would be a better song. :)

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