Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finished with the Cutest Teen and Her Stunning Mom...

I had the hardest time with this particular picture!  The reason was it was one of the last taken that night with no flash and it was getting pretty dark.  So, I had my ISO up to 800 or so, I think...but I think that caused my picture to be crazy red! Who knows what caused it, but it was really RED!!!! I tried all my usual tricks to get rid of the sunburned look, but didn't have much luck with it.  I used a texture and ran an action on it called Ashley Vintage.  I still like it despite my issues, but I wonder how it will look in print after ALL the edits I made to it.

Tomorrow, I plan on posting my favorites from this shoot.  After that on to the next family in line, which should go by pretty fast.  They were just looking for a couple of shots to choose from for the Christmas card this year.  I told her I would try and design the card too for her, so I might be posting that in the next couple of days also.


  1. Truly a beautiful shot - and a great edit.
    Did the action leave her eyes, lips and bracelet in colour, or did you selectively re-colour them?
    The green bracelet is subtle but definately adds interest.

  2. I actually ran the action over the entire photograph then lowered the opacity on the black and white layer.

    Thanks for the comment! :)