Thursday, December 16, 2010

GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!!!! Go Check it Out!!!!!

How cute is this little girl?  She is the daughter of one of oldest friends...way back to 6th grade!  Thanks for letting me practice on you guys!  More to come in the next few days!

So many giveaways!  April Showers Blog is giving away a blog design!  Holy cow!!!!  This is a rad gift and again...I hope I am the big winner!  I have taken one of her blog design classes and found it very helpful, plus she posts lots of blog information for free on her site.  This site is a must do go check it out!

Okay, another giveaway that is AWESOME...and I hope I am the lucky girl who wins it! :)  Check out Paislee Press's Website to get all the information, and you won't be sorry you did.  Good Luck!

Keeping you I?  Did that sorta sound Yoda like?  Sometimes I do that, not too sure what it is all about.  Hmmm....

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