Sunday, December 5, 2010

Photoshop CS5 Image File Says "Image Name.JPEG @ 25% rgb/8"

Okay, I gave myself a mini heart attack tonight.  I was noticing when I was opening up my images in photoshop to put my watermark on the web sized photographs that my image name would say something like "Kids Playing Ball.jpeg @ 25% rgb/8".  I hadn't ever noticed this "@ 25% rgb/8" before and thought that maybe these files were only 25% of the rgb color, so they would be less rich when printed.  Or something horrible of course!  To the net I went..researching...and getting sorta ticked since I wasn't able to find anything quickly that gave me my answer and to stop making me think that I wasted a couple of hours editing.

Well, I decided to open up some older pictures that I had edited and noticed that they would say "Image Name.jpeg @ 50% rgb/8"...hmmm.  Then I noticed at the bottom left side of my workspace a little 50% next to the ruler.  So, I opened up the 25% files that I was working on tonight.  Asked my husband who was busy killing these awful looking dead skeleton zombie things on his warped game of mass killing if he could possibly pause his killing spree and check out my computer.  He looked at it for less than half a second and says, "try zooming your photo in" I do, and that stupid 25% changes to 33.3% as the image gets larger before my eyes.  So, why did I freak out?  No good reason, photoshop was just letting me know that I was viewing my image at 25%. 

Dork!  What else can I say about myself?  Big Time Dork!  Why am I even posting this...well, it might happen to some other poor sap one day and thought that I could share my experience with them.  Yes, if you have this problem as well...I hate to say it, but you might be a big dork too! ;)

On a different note, this picture is of my three year old daughter looking out our front window.  I love this picture, her hair was a mess, she was wearing a big pink fluffy dress that a friend gave us for dress up, and I am sure there is food smeared across her adorable little face.  This is why I love photography so much, you can capture such true moments in life.  When I see this picture, it just makes me want to pick her up and hug her.


  1. This shot of your sweet girl is the reason you learned photography. Whenever you think you're a dork or a loser, look at this and know you are a Star!
    Thanks for the advice. I learned something similar over in the forum at JS - if you are viewing your display/monitor over 150% the photoshop tools are totally wacky.
    Shine On Jamie!