Monday, January 31, 2011

365 Project - Weekly Inspiration Ideas

Okay, so my daily inspiration class ends today.  Bummer, though it was fun while it lasted.  So, now I need to come up with my own prompts for my daily pictures.  I am thinking that each week I will write down a couple ideas to keep me motivated. :)

Here are my ideas for this week not in any type of order:

1. Love
2. Ordinary
3. Preparation
4. Family
5. Closeness
6. Bokeh
7. Emotion

I created a group on flickr to display our daily photographs.  Who knows if anybody will want to do this with me, but I thought it could be fun.  I already uploaded my first 31 images for the year. You can click HERE to join the group and submit your photos.  If you do decide to participate, it would be great to leave constructive criticism on the great way to improve is to hear the truth...the good and the bad. :)


  1. I have been contemplating starting a 365 project for the past few weeks, so I'd join you in the journey!
    I'm a total novice photographer, but just joined Clickin Moms. :-) I'm also new at blogging.


  2. Oh, I hated that Picture Winter ended as well :) But I'm so glad that it's possible to keep up with our classmates on flickr and blogs. As for daily prompts, I'm enjoying - their prompts don't always resonate with me, but I'm having great fun when they do, which is the majority of the time.