Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Cracked" was the Inspirational E-mail Today from Tracy Clark's Picture Winter Class.

Today's prompt from Tracy Clark's Picture Winter Class was "cracked."  She mentioned that it could be taken literally or emotionally or any other way imaginable.  At first I was brain storming about different ideas that work for this assignment.  I thought of cracked eggs, cracks in streets, butt cracks, cracks in windows, taking some paint and letting in dry on Kya's face causing cracks, Jesse's recently fixed cracked tooth, and you get the point...lots of different ideas were floating around in my head.  Then I started to try not to take it so literally and came up with how I felt inside about my late Grandpa McCarthy.

This picture is a representation of how I feel right now when I think of him.  I am sad.  However, when I think of him good thoughts flood my mind.  For instance, when I would call up to his house he would always answer the phone, "Yello, Kid...what do you want?" in a gruff voice.  Even typing this up right now makes me smile thinking of that voice of his.

He was a BIG man, not overweight big, but just plain ole' BIG.  Another thing that I love to remember about him is the way he would hug me when he saw me and when we were parting.  Let me tell you, the best bear hug I have ever received in my entire life.  He had crazy powerful arms and I could just feel his love for me through his embrace.

The reason I chose to take a picture in this chair, is this chair was his chair.  It is actually deformed now from his great mass sitting in it all the time.  Now, when I cuddle up in it remembering him, I can feel his hug in a strange sort of way. 


  1. Hi Jamie, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your photography and admire so much that you are self taught. Sounds like your Grandpa was a good man. hugs.

    Becky Sue from Picture Winter

  2. Very touching and wonderful shot. Love that you were close to your Grandpa.

    Chelsea (came from Picture Winter)