Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eskimo Kisses and Tears.

Nothing like Mommy asking the little ones to stop playing for a second so she can capture an adorable Little Eskimo Kiss.  Then tragedy strikes, the youngest thinks it would be a great idea to jump up and continue playing with the oldest, but miss calculates and causes big crocodile tears.  I hurry to my oldest to comfort her and tell Isa, the youngest to get in the corner...that she hurt her sister.  Now, Isa is sobbing because she realizes that Kya is hurt and she is responsible.  A few moments pass by and the situation is under control.  Tears have slowed a bit and the youngest is released from the corner to apologize to Kya.  Everything is better and off they ran to continue playing.

Somebody commented on my flicker account that, "my momma always said....laughin leads to cryin.  we did a lot of both. : )

I can't agree more!

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