Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MCP Actions Give Away...

Okay, I think there are a lot of great things in life!  Family, friends, my dog, the easy going life most of us have here in America, and MCP Actions blog.  If you check this blog out you will be amazed!  Why?  Let me tell you...an absolute wealth of knowledge, great actions, great tips, great give aways.  Oh, hey...speaking of great give aways...go check them out for your chance to win a gift certificate to Adorama


  1. Another spectacular photography. You do magic with lights.
    Shh...don't tell anyone but howaboutorangeblogspot.com has a JoTotes giveaway on her blog. Dec. 13 post.

  2. Thanks HeidiRose! I went and put my comment on her blog. Plus, great blog...I can't wait to explore it.

  3. Her time-wasters section makes me laugh until tears run down my face. So fun - and time well wasted!