Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - Best Face Photo from May People's Choice Award- Jamie Solorio Redding, CA Photographer

This week over at I Heart Faces they are having best/favorite faces from May contest and it will a people's choice award.  I took this picture a couple of days ago with my brand new 17-55mm Nikon lens of my three year old little girl.  Thanks for taking the time to look at this image and I encourage you to enter the contest yourself!  Also, I just launched my new website Jamie Solorio Photography of Redding, Ca...so if you want to check out some of my work please stop by!

Jamie Solorio Photography of Redding, Ca - Downtown Redding Engagement Session with Melissa and Quentin Sneak Peek - Plus a Chance to Win a Photobook Through Paislee Press

Here is a little sneak peak for the most adorable, easy going couple!  They have been together for SEVERAL years and have decided to tie the knot this July!  Sorta sounds like my husband...5 and a half years before he even told me he loved me, then same day he told me he loved me, he also proposed.  Boys!  More images to come soon!

Be sure to check out my new photography site Jamie Solorio Photography if you haven't yet please!

And about that giveaway!  Go check out Paislee Press for more information!  She is giving away a template for a photobook!  Sweet!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ashley and James Wedding - Redding, California Wedding Photographer Jamie Solorio

Just a little sneak peak on a very touching wedding between two young people who love God and each other so very much.  More to come soon, I am very close to being done with their edits.  :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hobbs Family Session in Cottonwood, California - Family Portrait Photographer Jamie Solorio

To begin, I as so excited since I was found online by somebody living in New York!  She was interested in having me doing a session for her Mom's birthday.  It was a bit stressful, since we were having all this rain and overcast weather again here in Redding, CA...but we were able to squeeze a shoot in after all.

When I showed up I was greeted by smiles and a group of very friendly people.  The entire evening was a lot of fun with the Hobbs family.  They all were in good spirits and loved to joke around, especially about a wedding dress or something.  Finally, I had to ask..."What is all this wedding dress talk about?"  Then the girls Mom was telling her daughters, "No, never mind...I don't want to do it anymore!"  My curiosity was really peaked then!  The girls told me that their Mom had wanted them all three to put their wedding dresses on and take a couple of shots together in the backyard.  So, I told Carey, their mom..."We so can do that!" and we did!

Thanks to all of you for letting me capture your time together last week.  I hope that guys had fun too! :)

Featured on Tracey Clark's Blog - I Am Enough

Okay, how excited am I?  VERY!  I am being featured this week on Tracey Clark's blog.  I am so stoked since I am addicted to Shutter Sisters which she is the founder of!  Plus, I love her book Expressive Photography which I have read cover to cover.  So, yes...I am doing the excited kid dance now! :)

Here is a sneak peak at a photo session I did in Cottonwood, California last Thursday with the Hobb family.  It was a lot of fun to get to take pictures of such an easy going family. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challege: Week of May 22nd Theme is "Yellow"

Over at I Heart Faces this week there is a contest for images that have yellow in them.  So, I had to post this one of my little angel, Isabella.  This was taken last week near an almost dried up creek near our home.  I love how sweet and simple this image is.

Check out my brand new photography website, Jamie Solorio Photography.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2nd Saturday ArtHop of Redding, California - May 14, 2011

To begin my night, I was happy to hear that my husband was going to come with me and experience the 2nd Saturday ArtHop of Redding, California for himself.  Our first destination was the North Valley Art League, Carter House Gallery, Caldwell Park located at 48 Quartz Hill Rd of Redding, CA.   We were privileged enough to see the works displayed from the 20th Juried Photography Competition and Show.  The show is running from April 26th through May 28th, 2011.  The gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11am until 4pm.  I really encourage you to go and check out some of these great images being displayed proudly in such a beautiful gallery.

There were two different divisions Novice and Open division, below is the criteria for each.

Novice Division:  Photographer who may have entered but never been accepted to a juried competition.  This division is offered to encourage younger and beginning photographers to participate.

Open Division: Photographic enthusiasts, teachers, or professionals experienced in juried competition, selling, and exhibition.

Descriptions of Divisions courtesy of the North Valley Art League pamphlet.

The list of winners:

Jean Beauchamp Memorial Award
for Best of Show
"Sausage" by Gary Rowe

Division I - Novice
First Place: "The Bassist" by Michael Andrews
Second Place: "Spring" by Abigail Kellar
Third Place: "Bodie" by Carol Brookshire

Division II - Open
First Place: "The Cypress Grove at Moss Beach" by Kirsten Klagenberg
Second Place: "White Orchid" by Charlotte Bryson
Third Place: "Once Proud" by Mary Kallen

"Riding the Vines" by Ron Lute
Open Division
My favorite of the night!  I want to go there and have a picnic with my family.

"The Cypress Grove at Moss Beach" by Kirsten Klagenberg to left. Open Division $150
"The Curve" by MaryAnn Czermak in middle. Open Division $215
"Ghosts of Locke" by Ann Beier to right. Open Division $175

"Once Proud" by Mary Kallen to left. Open Division $150
"Surviors" by Mary Ann Czermak in middle. Open Division $180
"First Snow" by Ernie Giesker to right. Open Division $250

"Sausage" by Gary Rowe to the left.  Open Division NFS
"Nature's Symphony" by Luis Pena to the right. Open Division $175

"White Orchid" by Charlotte Bryson to left. Open Division $225
"Morning Shuffle" by Amy Andrews to right. Open Division $75

"Dinner with George" by Jeff Worthington in the middle.
Open Division

"Sunny Tulips" by Ann Jensen on top. Novice Division $100
"Bodie" by Carol Brookshire on bottom. Novice Division $100

"The Bassist" by Michael Andrews to left. Novice Division NFS
"Mean Spiral" by Doug Davis to right. Novice Division $150

"Solititue" by Timoth Vanschooten to left. Novice Division $150
"Spring" by Abigail Keilar to right. Novice Division NFS

Our next stop for the night was the Shasta County Arts Council located at 1313 Market Street of Redding, CA.  They were hosting a Western Handcrafters Mixed Media show.  I was so lucky to meet one of the artists of the most intricate wood working I have ever seen by the name of Karl Pavlilk.  Karl told me that he has been at woodworking since the age of 8, and it has been a passion of his since.  Karl is a self-taught wood handcrafter.  He is inspired by things all around him, taking bits and pieces of items that inspire him to create wonderful works of art.

Karl really likes to focus on the intricate details such as grains, beveled glass, and chimes to mention a few.  I noticed that he had made several of pieces for his wife, so I am thinking she might be inspirational for him as well.   Karl prefers not to sell his pieces, but to give them as gifts to people who will treasure them.  Plus, he would like to keep this creative process as a hobby, rather than a job.

I asked Karl which of the pieces was his favorite that he had displayed.  He mentioned that he really liked the "Regulator Wall Clock".  He liked the inlays and grain of the wood, and has it hanging in his office most of the time.  My favorite of the night was a tie...I really loved the "Mission Mantle Clock" and the "Wooden Keepsake Box". 

Portrait of Karl Pavlilk

"Mission Mantle Clock" NFS

"Wooden Keepsake Box" NFS

"Wooden Keepsake Box" a top view of the lid.

"Regulator Wall Clock" NFS

The last stop of the evening was Leatherby's Family Creamery located at 1670 Market Street of Redding, CA.  Leatherby's is always such a big supporter of the 2nd Saturday ArtHop and this month was no different.  They were hosting a True Colors Gallery Group Show with Mixed Media.  I apologize for the glare in some of these images.

"Cats" to left.
"Angel" in middle.
"Autumn" to right.
All works created by Kiber Jerrils.

"Iguana" by Sandy K.

"Elephant" by Sandy K.

"Self Portrait" by Sandy K.

"Cactus" by Monica Baxter.

"Owl" by Monica Baxter

In summary, I always enjoy my time during the 2nd Saturday ArtHop of Redding, Ca.  It is so great to see so many local business' and the hard work of HawkMan Studios come together to support many of the local artists in the community.  Be sure to come by next month for the Celebration of Music on June 11th, 2011.  

Please contact me if you have any questions for me or found an error in my documentation at jamiesolorio@hotmail.com or Jamie Solorio Photography.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adorable Teen's Photo's from this Weekends Session - Redding, Ca Teen/Senior Portraits


Thanks Sara, you were so much fun to take pictures of!  There were so many good pictures of you, I had a really hard time not going crazy editing them all!  These images were taking downtown Redding, CA and it was so cool just to walk around and see what our little town has to offer.  Of course, it always pays to have a super cute teen to pose for me! 

On a different note...my photography website...Jamie Solorio Photography of Redding, CA is up and running.  So, please check it out!  http://www.jamiesoloriophotography.com/.  I did a little survey on Facebook about whether or not to include music.  Majority of people who answered said "No" to the music.  I did put one song on, but you actually have to click the play button on the right side of the screen to get it to play.  The song was just one of the freebie songs they offered, if I was to actually put music up...it would be a better song. :)