Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photography Monitor Calibration

Just more notes from a webinar I attended for my photography:  They are sloppy, but make sense to me. :)

  1. Let monitor warm for 30 mins to 1 hour, just turn off screen saver if need be
  2. Consider Ambient Room light, don't sit in a dark room or too bright of a room.  Need to be in a somewhat lit room.  A room comfortable to read a book in, light wise.
  3. View prints in correct light, will talk about later.

  1. Linering the monitor: brightness, contrast, gama
  2. Characterizing the monitor:

  • d50 for white point
  • gama 2.2
  • luminance value_if working in a bright room 120, moderate room 100, dim room 80

  • sets background of his desktop to black
  • choose advanced mode
  • d50 or d55, but he likes d50
  • luminance
  • research the flare options on my calibrator...use it, since I do not have a hood
  • contact lab for free calibration prints, lab will send 2 copies of each....ones they correct, some I did.  They should match!  Then open the images again in photoshop and compare the image on the monitor and the print in hand.  They should match!  Take into consideration of type of light and brightness.  If calibrated at 5000k lighting condition, can get a light box or open window light crack blinds and let a some sun light to come in.  Not direct sunlight.  Should be close to monitor. contact customer service for prints. do 5 test prints, be selective good exposure and white balance. do typical locations etc
  • make sure that the screen is always at same tilt when editing
  • print to dark? monitor is too bright
  • edit color setting in photoshp
  • go to working spaces, rgb

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2nd Saturday ArtHop October 8, 2011 of Redding, CA

The 2nd Saturday ArtHop of Redding, CA held on the 8th of October, 2011 was really fun.  I was lucky enough to have a good friend and fellow photographer Steven Solinkski join me for the evening.  We began our adventure by going to the Maratime Seafood and Grill located at 1600 California Street to see the Mixed Media Show "View From a Trail Group".  The room in which the art show was held was absolutely packed full, to the point it was difficult to walk around.  There were many talented artists being displayed who had been inspired to create by the local trails of Redding, California.  The sponsor of the show was the Trails and Bikeways Council of Greater Redding.  According to their flyer, this group is;
 "a non-profit organization made up of local citizens who believe that the existence and use of regional trails and bikeways benefits the health of residents, the safety of non-motorized commuters, the enjoyment of all users and the economy of the whole region."

Mary Lake Cottonwood Mary Lake Trail

The View from the Trail 2011 Silent Auction
Crystal Creek
Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
27"x20" Framed Photo on Photo Canvas
was being auctioned off that night.

My favorite piece of the night was this one called
Trail Ferns
Pacific Crest Trails
(Near Burstarse Falls)

Next stop was Pacific West Graphics Printing and Design located at 1455 South Street of Redding, CA.  Their featured artist was the very talented Lydia Budai.  Funny thing was that her picture happened to be my favorite of the night from the Maratime Seafood and Grill show, and I was so drawn to her work, that before I had left the house I had decided to visit her display.  Lydia is a self-taught photographer, though her mom has been a huge influence in her photography as she is a photographer as well.  Recently, she and her mom had taken a trip to Africa to experience a safari.  She ended up with around an impressive 3,000 images from the trip plus many interesting stories...including one about a Rhino Storm! You will have to see her Safari Photographs to really appreciate her experience in Africa.
Here is some her work that was on display, I couldn't help myself and had to buy the cutest stationary kit from her!  To see more of her images please visit her site

Image of Photographer Lydia Budai

More of Lydia's work on display

The last place that Steve and I visited was Eddy's Grill located at 2151 Market Street of Redding, CA.  Judy Forney was the artist of choice there that night and her paintings are magical.  The light was very low, so my images do not even come close to showing the beauty of her art...please look up her site to see for yourself how amazing her paintings are.  Unfortunately, it also was a little loud (in a good way...Mike Cox was singing and playing his guitar for everybody...which was great!) in Eddy's to speak to her about her art, so I have included a tid bit from Judy's site telling us about herself;
"When I connect with the magic of the universe everything flows with inspiration and guidance. My paintings frequently reflect a lonely quality which I feel represents each souls individual journey through life. The style of my paintings border between surreal and romantic but they always represent my unique perspective."

To see Driftwood at Twilight on her site please click HERE.

To see Sacred Pool by Judy Forney please click HERE.
 This was my favorite piece of hers from the night.

The next 2nd Saturday ArtHop of Redding, CA is going to be November 12, 2011.  Please visit for more information. To get in contact with the people in charge of the ArtHop you can email them at

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Redding, CA Senior Portrait Session Downtown with Jamie Solorio Photography - Re-Naming Files in CS5 using Bridge

This image above is showing the results from calibrating my laptop with a spendy little calibrator.  The difference on my desktop screen is minimal...looking forward to seeing the prints this afternoon.

How easy is this?  If I want to rename my files in Photoshop follow along to see how insanely easy this is:
  • Open Bridge
  • Bring up the file in Bridge that you would like to rename
  • Select all images that you want to rename - control click shift the first image and the last image
  • Go to "Tools" in the menu bar
  • Select "Batch Rename" Image 1
  • Then select where you would like your images to go: there are 3 choices: Same Folder, Move to other Folder, and Copy to other Folder
  • After that go and fill in the information you would like on your image below  Image 2
  • There is a "Preview" at the bottom of the page to show you what your old image name is and your new image name.
  • Then Click "Rename" in the upper right hand corner.

      That is it! Seriously that easy!
    Now for the MOST ADORABLE and FUN Senior ever! If you need a second look at how cute this girl might need to scroll to the top of the page again!  It would be worth it!  I loved this girl's look and just the way she carried herself. Thank you Courtney of West Valley High for letting me take some great images of you!  More images soon to come! :) To see more of my images please visit my site or visit my new Facebook Page.  Thanks for looking!