Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Creative Team Layout #1

Here is one of my pages that I am sure I am going to enter in the Creative Team Search at Jessica Sprague's Website.

Supplies and Techniques used:

Papers used: LivE square in one papers 1 and 2, and R Young's Summer Slushee April Papers 3-6.

Fonts used: Century Schoolbook, Felix Titling, Bosshole, and Bleeding Cowboy. No, I did not make those names up....")

Embellishments used: Stars by JM So Charming Kit from Little Dreamers Designs.

Brushes used: SS Swirls 2 and Retro Vectors by RedHead Stock, and Spikey Swirls by Mels Brushes.

Techniques were all taught at Jessica Sprague's website.

From NWR class:

Color Burning, Justified Type, realistic drop shadows, rotating and flipping brushes, darkening the edges of layout for dramatic effect, combonation mask with brushes and drawing tools, and adding pop to photos by using hue/saturation, and photo manipulation to crate a better looking image.

From Deep In Digi:

Use of compound shapes for clipping masks for photos and papers, recolr the stars to match layout. I also used many of the different design ideas she sugests: such as color, triangel and the rule of 3's. I stroked lines for mulitple items, like photo's as mats, and some of the text. Using a mask for my title to attatch paper to it. I also used the hue/saturation to change to colors of the two papers from LivE, to make them match my layout better. Embellishing the papers I used to make them my own with brushes, and using the spacing on the brush tool to create lines of dots that look nice and neat.

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