Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jessica Sprague is looking for new members for her Creative Team...

So, Jessica Sprague, my favorite digital scrapbook designer and site to learn new digi tricks is looking for members for her 2010 Creative Team. These lucky people who are chosen get to design pages for her products. This means that if I was fortunate enough to be chosen, I would have access to all of her classes offered at her site, and her products. How cool would that be? In addition to that, my scrapbook pages would be seen by people all over the world who visit her site. So, keep those fingers crossed for me! I am thinking of entering this page, but Jesse isn't a big fan of it. Let me know what you think or if there is something I should change on it. Don't worry about my feelings, I just want to get on the team....so be HONEST please. I also have to choose two other layouts for the contest. Once I have figured out which ones to enter I am going to post those here as well. Thanks for your help and those tightly crossed fingers!

Here is the website that is having the contest I mentioned above:

Supplies used on this digital scrapbook page were:

Fonts: Adler, Century Schoolbook, JailbirdjeNa, and Felix Titling
Brushes: Js-Swirls, Kao5 Splat, Swirl Ornamentals by Magical Viper, Swirls and Seeds by Melemel, SS retro vectors by Stephanie Shimerdela
Overlay: Trish Jones Distressed Diva Overlay
Paper used to clip to my compound mask by Eva Klipper Half Tones
I created the rest using the brushes listed, gradients, masks, and feathered Marquee Tool.

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