Friday, April 2, 2010

Ha Ha Ha....

Are you wondering why this beautiful child has such huge crocodile tears? For such a happy child who never cries too! Well, let me tell you why my darling baby is crying. My friends! Yes, my friends!

What could any friend possibly do to cause a child such misery? I am not too sure how to answer that question...a friend is supposed to bring joy, happiness, and make you a better person. However, I am not too sure this was accomplished last night!

What was accomplished was a total destruction of my personal property! Yes, destruction! I know, I are looking at the pictures and saying gee's, somebody just TP'd your house. No, that isn't it! There were poopies left behind! Now, this is a whole other issue! Fecal matter is very harmful if consumed and this particular BM looked like there were chocolate chips in it! What if somebody, I dare not say...but what if they ate it? It did look a lot like brownies. But, who could sculpt a brownie into a perfect mound of poo? I am not sure any of my friends are that crafty!
Oh, and Isa was even more upset because it was raining this morning. I am not to sure if these villains understand that toilet paper gets crazy hard to pick up when it is wet! My my my, what to do, what to do!

I know, I have incriminating evidence. YES! I have a Walmart receipt that was just thrown out haphazardly upon my yard. Well, well, well you criminals...I can nail you now! Whomevers card has a last four of 1381 is toast! If this lead doesn't get me the info I need, then I have one other avenue I could try. Boy, you TP'ers have no idea who you are messing with! Don't you know I used to work for CHP! Silly, Silly girls!

My other source to find out who you are is that I know that your items were indeed purchased at the Walmart at 23:47:43, to those of you who aren't trained, as I have been, this would be 11:47pm. And you checked out at terminal 16! I was also trained at the Shopko on how to read a receipt. Oh, and I can find you just by asking the store manager Mike B. to review the tapes and tell me who exactly checked out at that time and local. Oh, yeah...he used to have a crush on me in high school, so I have a Walmart in!

What can I say except BUSTED!

You guys crack me up! Hope you had fun, and don't worry my little pretties I will get you back!:)


  1. I so far have had one confession! Amanda!!!!! Plus, she has ratted the rest of your gang out!

  2. That is so funny!!! and I love your blog.. good job cant wait to see more of your work.