Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Landscape Photography Tips....

So, I need to take a picture of a landscape and I have done this in the past. However, I am going to do a little research first and then try to visualize my shot before I go and just start taking a billion pictures around town. This is a little list that I am going to use to guide me through the process.

1. Use a small Aperture-keep most of shot in focus(F-11 or F-16)

2. Polarizing filters are useful to bring out the details in the sky and saturates color

3. Shoot in early morning or sunset...anybody that knows me, knows I will be shooting at sunset.

4. Shoot in RAW for no camera compression

5. Try a panorama for more dramatic effect

6. Place something in the foreground to create more visual interest and helps the sense of depth

7. Use a tripod

8. Use a wide-angle lens...I do not have one, but I would jot this down anyhow.
9. Try changing your point of view, maybe put your camera on the ground and slightly angle upwards and see what you get.
10. Think about your horizon. If the sky is bland and boring position the horizon at the upper third of your photo. However, if the sky is spectacular and moody...try placing the horizon in the lower third of the photo. Horizons in the center of the photo aren't usually suggested(per the reading I did) BUT if you have a super great photo and it works, then break the rule.
11. Speaking of horizons, most of the sites I visited suggested keeping them straight. However, Tracy Clark from this class I am taking now said to try angling it a little for a different approach. I personally like the idea of having a little angle, especially if the picture has a person in it.
12. Try slowing down your shutter speed to show movement. Maybe you can get waves crashing, fog rolling in, clouds moving, etc. However, when you slow your shutter speed you will have to compensate with less light being let in. You can do this using a filter (which I really don't know anything about) or by taking your picture when there is less light out.

Well, I didn't get time to take the picture...but maybe some time this week. This picture I took of the dandelions is from a couple of weeks ago during mid-day. I didn't follow most of these guidelines, but I think it is nice still. I look forward to planning a real landscape photograph...maybe this weekend.


  1. Thanks for the tips, Jamie.
    I've been trying hyperfocus for garden magazine type shots where everything is in focus and there's a lot of depth of field That's a new word for me.
    Your photography continues to rock!