Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shot of the Day...

Still doing Tracy Clark's Picture Summer class and having fun doing it. Today she wanted a Center Weighted Photo, so here are the two that I choose to post in her gallery.

I did a little bit of research on center weighted photos. I read only from a couple of sites... that you still want to fill the frame with your image, but okay to have negative space. If you choose to go with negative space to be mindful of what is in that it relevant to your photograph? That there should only be one center of interest, if you have to many items in your photograph it could confuse the viewer. Also things that attract the human eye are lines, human figures, texture, light, and tone. I will do more research on this a little later when I have time, but I have to tend to some potato salad now for a BBQ.

On one of my photos, the one that is of the Sago...I think that it is sort of a boring picture, but I liked that it was weighted in the center by darkness. The rocks are appealing to me, since they remind me of my father-in-law who will stack rocks and the lake. Whenever we go to the lake you see some pretty impressive stacks of rocks left by VERY patient people.

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