Thursday, October 20, 2011

PhVusion with Animoto - Notes from a Webinar

This is just a few notes from PhVusion from Animoto.  Not really anything anybody would want to pay attention to, just a good place for me to keep track of my notes. :)

this is not trying to teach you to become a cinematographer, more of just taking short clips of video and merging with still photographs
  • need video editing software(animito will help and photoshop), a way to keep camera still(monopod or tripod), a way to present to client, dh dslr
  • use same concepts of still photography, with light, exposure, composition, just need to add movement in a natural light scene, no flash.
  • use manual settings, focus, temperature, etc
  • keep it short, 8-10 second clips...will only use 4-5 seconds...goal is to enhance photography not show it up
  • forget audio for now, once get the visual down...can get the audio going.

  • steadiness is key, need tripod or mono pod
  • more advanced: slider and flyer
  • don't zoom in and out quite yet, work on just getting the steadiness down first
  • don't pan around yet
  • when decide to move around use a  mono pod and slider/flyers
  • can use  animioto to create the slide show example below
  • $, spendy!
  • Vanessa Joy research her work, hyper books, ipad things, etc
  • Rob Adams research too.
  • imovie-research similar, but you have to do the work learning the techniques.


  • set exposure like you are going to with a photograph...then start recording
  • don't change exposure while recording
  • more advanced: pre focusing,  rack focusing, focusing with movement
  • Pre-focus on an area then have subject walk into the focus area and then out
  • rack focus is shifting your focus while filming and focus was on subject in foreground then go focus on background.  do not move the camera, just use the manual focus ring

  • animoto will do most of it for you
  • photoshop extended version 3-5, pull in object as a smart object.  this will not replace a video editing program, just help somewhat along with animoto
  • 20% off use code "animoto" to try it out and see tutorial

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