Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Redding, CA Senior Portrait Session Downtown with Jamie Solorio Photography - Re-Naming Files in CS5 using Bridge

This image above is showing the results from calibrating my laptop with a spendy little calibrator.  The difference on my desktop screen is minimal...looking forward to seeing the prints this afternoon.

How easy is this?  If I want to rename my files in Photoshop follow along to see how insanely easy this is:
  • Open Bridge
  • Bring up the file in Bridge that you would like to rename
  • Select all images that you want to rename - control click shift the first image and the last image
  • Go to "Tools" in the menu bar
  • Select "Batch Rename" Image 1
  • Then select where you would like your images to go: there are 3 choices: Same Folder, Move to other Folder, and Copy to other Folder
  • After that go and fill in the information you would like on your image below  Image 2
  • There is a "Preview" at the bottom of the page to show you what your old image name is and your new image name.
  • Then Click "Rename" in the upper right hand corner.

      That is it! Seriously that easy!
    Now for the MOST ADORABLE and FUN Senior ever! If you need a second look at how cute this girl might need to scroll to the top of the page again!  It would be worth it!  I loved this girl's look and just the way she carried herself. Thank you Courtney of West Valley High for letting me take some great images of you!  More images soon to come! :) To see more of my images please visit my site or visit my new Facebook Page.  Thanks for looking!

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