Thursday, December 8, 2011

2nd Saturday ArtHop of Redding, CA November 12, 2011

This piece was my very favorite of the night!  Stunning!  Loved it!

 Award of Merit "Wolf" -  sorry, I forgot to include that on the image. :)

This was another favorite of mine!  Loved the colors!

I was only able to attend one ArtHop event and I picked the North Valley Art League located at the Carter House Gallery who was hosting the 1st Annual Juried Student Art Show.  The juror was Derek Grinnell.  I was very impressed by the amount of talent that was up for display by some very young artists. 

The 2011 Student Art Show Prizes and Awards

7th and 8th Grade Winners
1st Place: Alexandra Neil  "Leaves of Fall"
2nd Place: Michael Schmitt "Fire Breathing Dragon"
Honorable Mention: Michael Schmitt "Coral Reef"

9th and 10th Grade Winners
1st Place: Jade Podtetenieff  "The Tree"
2nd Place: Isaac Marfin "Wolf"
Honorable Mention: Monica Seitz "Waterfall"

11th and 12th Grade Winners
1st Place: Haeun Bang "Mixture"
2nd Place: Abigail Jones "Melody in the Making"
Honorable Mention: Haeun Bang "Contemplation"


  1. That Violet Eyes and Gampo one was done by me!
    Thank you so much for putting it up!