Saturday, December 31, 2011

365 Flash Practice

Okay, here I go again...trying to do another 365!  Anyhow, this month is 100 % dedicated to Flash Photography.  So, my plan is to research a new technique each day and try it out and post my results here.  The pictures might not be the greatest as far as composition or interest...though they will hopefully show me where I went wrong, right, or who knows!

This image was taken around 3pm on a some what overcast day.  The first image was taken with my 180mm lens at F 2.8.  I used center metering, though I usually would spot meter.  Kya was standing under our patio in the shade with bright light right behind her.  The first shot was taken in manual mode at ISO 400 1/250th F2.8 WB Cloudy and no flash.  In t he second image Kya is standing exactly the same, the only difference is I metered off the ambient light in the background hitting our grey fence in the backyard.  The result was ISO 100 1/250th(max scyn speed for flash on my camera) F 2.8 WB Cloudy TTL Flash with -2.0.

These images are SOOC, so the WB would of been adjusted on them...the patio has a red/pink color and you can see that being reflected on Kya's skin.  I actually like the catch lights in the first picture(no flash) best and the detail on her hat.  Other than that, I like the flash picture better in all ways.

I of course still need to work on my flash, but for a first attempt...I am pleased. :)

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