Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{365} Flash Practice with a Head!

Okay, here is day 3 of the 365 project...starting with Flash Photography.  I did take several pictures last night, but didn't put the effort into getting them off my card to the net.  Here is todays test!

I bought a head for $4.00 at the local beauty store and thought I would start practicing on her instead of my hubby.  He was getting a little tired of being flashed all the time.  Anyhow, this will work just fine and when I feel closer to getting a technique down I will use a better looking subject! lol!

This was taken around 4pm in my front living room.  The sky was mostly blue with some clouds.  ISO 400 F/1.8 Spot Metering 1/200th for the flash shots and 1/160th for the no flash shot.  On the flash shots I bounced the flash to my left at a 45 degree angle with a black foamy thing attached.  While was practicing I metered off the brightest part of the head, since it was blowing out in the histogram.  I also tried moving the flash more behind me and at different angles...this was the one I liked the best.

Yes, pretty boring stuff...but...this is how I learn!  Practicing and then writing about it here in my little photography diary!  More interesting pictures to soon come!  I still have a newborn session to edit and a new little guy to take pictures of this Friday...as long as I am no longer sick!

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