Monday, January 9, 2012

Flash Practice with strong backlight and indoor TTL Flash

Okay, today I was trying to replicate a picture I saw in a magazine.  The picture had really strong back light and then a gradient of light across the models face with the darkest part being closest to the highlight hair.  This is my attempt with trying to recreate this type of look. 

To begin I metered with spot metering on the brightest part of her hair, which is why when I took the picture that she is totally underexposed.  So, you can see how much TTL flash was used in the 2nd picture to illuminate her face.  I positioned my flash to my right and had it bounce off a wall near me at a 45ish degree angle.  I had to play with the flash compensation a bit to get the right amount of light on her face too.  I am having some pretty big issues with White Balance with flash, so I need to look into that too! :)

Just playing around on this next image! :)

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