Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Natural Lighting in Photography

Here is an outline of a photography class that peeks my interest, however...it is a bit spendy for me at $300.00.  You can find this information at http://www.clickinmoms.com/ if you are interested in this class on natural light.  I am going to be taking the course details listed here from this email I received from Clickin Mom's and do the research myself on the net.  I will be posting my findings over the next several weeks.

Clickin Moms' Natural Light 101 Workshop:

Natural Light Workshop for Beginners


What we cover:

Metering for exposure

Positioning your subject

Using a reflector

Flattering shadows

Finding the right kind of shade

Avoiding dappled light

Finding the right location

Achieve back lighting outside AND inside

Focusing in back lighting

Camera position for great silhouettes

Silhouette images with impact

Visual interest and connections in silhouette images

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  1. Oh that will be awesome! Thanks in advance for sharing your research, Jamie. I'm really looking forward to learning more from you.