Monday, August 2, 2010

Taking Still Life...I think?



So, my brother-in-law, Steven is quite the pottery guy.  He owns a store in Red Bluff, California called Village Pottery, and he is currently an apprentice under a Master Potter.  He wanted some pictures of some of his work to show some of his customers, so he asked if I could help out.  I am always willing to experiment with anything photography last night that is exactly what we did. 

It was quite difficult for me to fit all the pieces he wanted in a shot.  I think I would do better with just a few items in each shot, but here are a few that I got.  I think that I need to do a little research and see what tips there are out there for this type of photography.  Later this week after some research, I will be adding a new tutorial to the blog about still life photography, assuming that is what this type of photography is even called.

I am still in the process of building my blog buttons and links.  Currently the Tutorial button will actually take you to a list of my tutorials...super cool that I figured out how to do that!  I now have an About Me button, not super exciting, but it does work.  I am still working on the Photo and Life buttons.  Funny to think that I was the girl who couldn't even attach a photo to a email a couple months ago, to now getting a blog going and running Photoshop Elements with SOME ease. ")

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