Friday, September 17, 2010

So disappointed....

Before you read my downer of a post...take a look at this little girl.  Holy cow, she is so stinking cute.  I have to say that those little curls are PERFECT.
Well, tonight I had a photography shoot with the nicest family and I was a huge flop!  I had a great time taking shots at the Camden House near Whiskeytown, but was quite worried about how shady this spot is and to compound was overcast today.  Well, most of my pictures were all blurred!!!!  How embarrassing!  This family spent time preparing for a photo shoot, not to mention I am sure they were excited...and more than half the photos are streaked.  Yes, I did check as I was taking the pictures at the histograms and quick glances at the display.  I of course cranked the ISO up, way up...however...still too dark!  So far, I have only studied natural light and not how to shoot with flash.  Hmmmm, what to do....I can tell you this....I am super disappointed, not to mention embarrassed.  AAUUUGGGHHH!!!

I am still trying to learn...but  I can only do one shoot a week.  I still have five more shoots scheduled this month, so I am sure I will learn with each shoot something new.  Which is good, but now I am insanely nervous to try and afraid I will totally suck again!  I hate failing!!!!

Okay on yet another note, post editing... My hubby has brought it to my attention several times that when I have been processing in CS5 that my images seem way too bright.  So, I read through a couple of tutorials and did a couple of modifications on this image.  Does anybody out there in Cyberland have a preference?  Can you see a difference?  Maybe tomorrow I will try the technique again and see if I can make it more noticeable, but noticeable in a good way! :)


  1. worries! You are awesome to be taking the time away from your family to be doing this, plus it was fun! You were totally professional and spent a bunch of time with us, so we will just try again. As long as you are willing we are willing. You do not suck, the shots you get are awesome, so just keep moving forward...thanks!!!

  2. Jamie; you are your own harshest critic - add that to your tenacity and determination to learn - and you are one amazing photographer!
    Only you know what you are expecting from your shots. They look fabulous from this side.

    regarding the shot of your sister in the previous post - I like the drama of the lighting as it is, but since you about Enhance>Lighting>Shadows and Highlights to lighten her face just a touch on the right side. I'm in PSE7, so whatever the equivalent of that is is CS5.
    Is that you in the bottom photo? We rarely get to see you; you are stunning! and now I'm all intimidated to talk to you!

  3. Thanks for the shadow highlights tip... I don't think I have ever tried it before. There is soooo much to learn. :) That is me, and thanks for the compliment! If it makes you feel any better, without make-up I look like a corpse. Everybody always asks me, "are you feeling okay look sick?". Too funny!

  4. I get a similar response when I smile at people; they ask "what's the matter?" "Is something wrong?"
    ...anyway, was thinking about you today when I had to run for my dSLR and set it on the fly - manual mode. I missed the shot, but nailed the exposure. Thanks to a great teacher - you!