Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Portraits in Redding, California

To begin, thank you Rebecca for letting me take some pictures of your little one!  It was fun, even though a good portion of the pictures have Marley crying in them! :)

A couple of things I learned during this photo shoot that I will have to implement on my next baby session.  Babies do not like to hang out in creek beds so much.  Now, I do have to say in the beginning she didn't mind as much, but it was a really hot day and that could of been where some of the baby blues came from.  What else did I learn?  Hmmm....Even though she might not of loved the creek bed, I think I will try it again.  I think the background is so nice here. 

Squeekers!  That might be something that might help me get babies attention in the future.  I think I will give it a shot.

Moms!  I couldn't of been more lucky with Rebecca, she really helped me get Marley's attention, helped calm her down, had snacks to make baby happy and was totally awesome!  I think if I ever had a shoot and the mom was freaking out if her baby was upset, I would stress out!

When I did my post editing, I decided to throw a texture on this image for a little added detail.  I am not too sure if anybody would even notice it, but I liked it.

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