Wednesday, January 12, 2011

365 Day 12 - Trying to Get Creative Without Being to Abstract.

So, it drives my hubby crazy when my pictures are too abstract or too shallow of depth of field.  Today's picture is almost all in focus and still artsy.  Holding my fingers up like a "3" to represent the "3" in "365" and then writing "65." on my chest in the mirror so it shows up backwards in the camera.  I also wrote on the wall with an old eyeliner "365.", but not too sure I like that part so much.  On the second picture I used "Content Aware" in CS5 to get rid of that "365." on the wall and then I applied a dark layer over my picture to try to get it to look like it did on my screen while I was editing it.  Strange how when I load up to the net, my images are getting quite a bit lighter.

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