Saturday, January 8, 2011

Changing Photoshop's Workspace Background to Any Color

This is a picture of my oldest walking down the train tracks yesterday after school.  We stopped at the Starbucks for Hot Cocoa and an oatmeal cookie, part of my bribe to get the girls to help me with my 365 Photography Project.  It was a fun way to start the middle of the day together!

So, this is an easy fix or change for your workstation in Photoshop.  Some how when I was editing pictures a little while ago my workspace went black from grey on me.  I knew I could switch it and was just too lazy to get my book out and look it up.  I just found it and switched my workspace back to grey and here is how I did it.  Watch out!  This is so crazy difficult...that is why I lived with the black workspace for so long!  Start by opening a picture into Photoshop (control-O) for PC's, that is O like in Open.  Then right click on the workspace behind the picture.  A little dialog box pops up and gives you the the choice of Black, Grey, or Custom.  If you click on Custom it will bring up the color picker box and you can select any color you want.  In Scott Kelby's CS5 book, he said to go with Grey since it is neutral and won't throw your eye off when editing different colors. 

Which is spelling is correct? Grey or Gray?  As far as I can tell, the net said both are?  What?  Strange!


  1. Cool picture! Thanks for the photoshop tip.

  2. Grey is a more European spelling (think Grey Poupon), while Gray is more American.

    Am fascinated by the curves in your shot!

  3. i think both spellings are right. i go back and forth between using gray and grey, because i can never remember which one is more commonly accepted in the u.s.

    decided to check out your blog, since i am so taken with your photography!! i plan to check it out often, and add it to my blog roll. i know i can learn a lot by visiting here. and i'm glad you have one... so i can continue to be inspired even after picture winter is done!

    you just keep amazing me with your incredible eye for photography!

    see you around at p.w.!