Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crazy Risk Taker....

This is one of those pictures that I will most likely be the only one that actually likes it. The story behind it is what makes it interesting to me.

Last night was my first night to go out on the town and visit different local businesses that were sponsoring some very talented artists of different mediums. My job was to photograph these different people and their works, then blog about it.

Well, I went to this antique shop and was just walking around taking all sorts of pictures, more than just the artist and his works. People kept asking me if I needed help, maybe I looked crazy or something, and I said "No, thank you" and just continued to walk around shooting more random stuff. Come to find photography was allowed in this place! Signs posted on the door apparently and who knows, maybe all over. Whoops! So after I was told and on my way to speak to the owner and apologize...and possibly delete all my pictures. I snuck this self portrait walking down the steps in a very old and dirty mirror. Guess I am just a crazy risk taker!!! :)

I ended up being told that it was okay since I was with the Art Hop with a legit cause to take pictures. The owner did take my name and said she would remember what I looked like if there were any problems....


  1. very cool! love the backstory. that's pretty funny.

    that mirror is awesome! it gave such neat texture and "artsy-ness" to the shot. reminds me a little of some selfies i took last september... into my very dusty {needing to be cleaned} bedroom mirror. but i like how the dusty mirror lent to the gritty quality i was going for.

    {thanks again... case you did not see me say so on flickr... for all your thoughtful comments lately. means a lot coming from someone as talented as you!}

  2. love the texture the mirror gave this picture