Friday, May 7, 2010

Cranking up the ISO...

Here are a couple of pictures of my poor sick little girl. Poor baby has been coughing with the croup, and these shots were when she was actually asleep in the living room. I cranked up the ISO to 1250 to even get a shot without camera shake. However, now that I have looked at the property details on these shots, I see I shot at -0.7 EV by mistake. That is something that I need to remember about my camera. It recalls the last settings for me, which is nice...except I was shooting in the dark pretty much. Oh! Well! To go back to default settings on the D90 there are two green buttons on the camera body, and you just have to hold them down together at the same time. DARN! Should of done that.
My favorite shot is the horizontal picture, except it could be in better focus. There aren't as many harsh shadows, which I like. Plus, the photo is taken from a unique angle. The vertical picture is nice, but too dark and muddy.

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