Friday, May 28, 2010

Jessica Sprague's 1st Photoshop Friday Tutorial...

This is a layout that I did from Jessica Sprague's first Photoshop Friday Tutorial. She taught me how to use the levels adjustment layer along with clipping a stroked outline to create the orange lined box that goes around the focal photos and the title. I did already know how to do this a different way, but she showed a new way to me. Pretty cool for a buck, not to mention the template.
Supplies used:
Used Jessica Sprague's 1st Photoshop Friday Tutorial and template
Papers used Crystal's Sweet SummerTime stripe no. 1
Circle Lables by Crystal W's Mini Labels
Flowers by Kitschy Vintage Flowers
NRJ Acrylic Overlay
Fonts used: Flouxitine, Sweet Blur, and Trajan Pro

The weather is finally starting to look a little more promising, and I hope to get out there and takes some photos. Tomorrow we are going to take the girls to the Strawberry Festival, so I am sure there will be plenty of great opportunities for cute shots.

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