Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holy Cow....

Holy cow! What a day!!!! So, we have adopted a puppy and today was the day she got to come home from being spayed. When I picked her up there were strict instructions not to let the dog go up and down stairs, or be active. Okay, no problem. Wrong...

We make a quick stop at the Walgreens, so I can pick up one of the Nettie Pots for my cold before picking the oldest from school. As we walk past the darn bubbles, my 2 year throws the fit of all fits in the middle of the store. I am bright red, people are staring, she is screaming,crying, and flinging about. Straight to the back of the store I drag her along to the corner where I put that little nose of hers. It takes about 15 seconds before she calms down and I take a deep breath. I really should scrap a page about this little fit of hers.

On the way home from picking up Kya, my youngest started to complain about her tummy hurting, hmmm...she sorta had the throw up look about her too. Okay, I can handle this. I am driving really careful and keep an eye on her via my rear view mirror. Finally, we make it home...throw up free. I unload her first and she heads into the garage. Perfect, now I can grab our poor pup out of the back of the car and go inside. Nope, I open the back of the SUV and as I go to grab Roxy(the pup) I hear Isa make the throw up cry. So, like a total rookie, I run to my daughter and the dog hops out of the car on her own and yelps out in pain. Then to make it even better she is now limping. Isa doesn't throw up, so that is good...I guess.

I think that maybe Isa has to go to the bathroom, so into the house we go. Get her on the potty and she totally starts to puke all over the place. The puppy is trying to lick it up, I am trying to be the good Mommy and be there for her, but I keep gagging myself, and I am screaming at my oldest to grab a towel. The towel is important since we have these wood floors in the bathroom with lots of grooves, I did have to use a toothpick later to clean to the best of my capabilities.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. I am running a fever myself, a chest cold, a possible sinus infection, have pink eye starting, and feel like absolute doggie doo! The baby however, recovered just fine. She went straight to playing in the tub and hasn't had any issues since. I think that I gave her too much to drink and then the Starbuck's kids sized hot cocoa pushed her tummy past it's limits.

So, now I am sitting here with a SLIT for an eye opening, since I have full blown pink eye, typing on my blog. Too funny. I almost feel like posting a picture of how pretty I look right now, but then I would have nobody return here ever again!!!! :) Just felt like sharing my craptacular day. Tomorrow HAS to be better!

PS the pup seems to be doing okay!

PPS or is it PSS...anyhow, I just walked past Kya's bedroom and her and the puppy are asleep next to each other on the floor...too cute. This makes me smile and helps me stop dwelling on such a fabulous day.

Here is the puppy we call Roxy...


  1. Craptacular!! Oh dear - so sorry I'm laughing!
    You write so well!
    It's tough job being the mom; you can't even take a sick day.
    Roxy is adorable.
    Take care of yourself and all the assorted little ones.

  2. Thanks, I am glad that you were laughing...that makes me happy. It actually is pretty stinking funny. Great opportunity for a scrapbook page! :)

  3. Sorry to hear your day was so rough. It is kind of comical, in a "what else could happen" sort of way. It is one you will look back on in the future and laugh. Today, maybe not so much. :)