Thursday, April 28, 2011

2nd Saturday ArtHop of Redding, California - April 9th, 2011

I feel so lucky to be able to roam around town and see some truly amazing artists!  The whole idea behind the Redding, California 2nd Saturday ArtHop is amazing.  To think that our little town celebrates and supports some very talented local artists. 

To begin the night I stopped at Ethan Allen located at 307 Park Marina Circle of Redding, California.  The owner of the furniture gallery was kind enough to host the incredible young talented freelance artist by the name of Tricia Kibler.  I can not tell you how seriously impressed I am by her immense skills.  Tricia's acrylic paintings have such great detail and texture to them. Her paintings are so vivid in color and emotion, which was so refreshing to see.  There were countless pieces that I would of loved to purchased to hang around my house, and who day I just might!  That good...really...go check her out! 

Tricia has always been intrigued by art and is able to now be at home with her son while being able to still create original works.  She finds inspiration usually in the morning and is inspired by all things including photographs. You can check her site out HERE to see more images of her fascinating work.  If you would like to contact her, you can at

Next stop for me was Parmer's Furniture located at 333 Park Marina Circle to see their featured artist John Bradford's photographs.  Mr. Bradford's had been taking photographs for over 10 years and likes to enhance some of his images using HDR. His images range from macro photography, portraits, landscapes, and real estate.  You can take a look at his website HERE.

The last place I visited was the lively gallery by the name of Bevie's Fine Arts Studio and Gallery located at 3403 Bechelli Lane, Suite C of Redding, California.  Their featured artist was Linda McMahan who painted such vibrant portraits of African Americans.  It was a joy to meet such a kind and talented woman.  Linda has been interested in art for over 30 years.  She is quite the crafty lady, not only does she paint she also is an avid tiler, glassware maker, and stained glass artist.  You can contact Linda McMahan through email at

Some of the other artists including Sondy Krick, LuAnn McBrayer, Nanci Sackett, D'Ann Bourne, and the owner of the gallery Beverly Dearman had pieces hung in the gallery.  I have included an array of images from the gallery and propose that you go to the gallery yourself to see the beautiful images they have currently on display.

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