Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ashley and James's Engagement Session - Engagement Photographer Redding, CA

I just have to start off by saying that these two are so stinking adorable!  The love between them is so obvious and powerful.  It is always nice to see a young couple so in love and excited to spend their lives together.   Thank you Ashley and James for letting me take your engagement pictures, you guys were so fun and easy to capture.  To see more of their images you can click HERE.

As far as weather goes, I typically like to shoot with much more light.  However, today  was very overcast and that was something somewhat new for me to experiment with.  There are great things about overcast days, one being there are no harsh shadows or blinding highlight blow outs.  I could take a picture anywhere I wanted and didn't have to worry too much about exposure on Ashley and James.  The only thing that I am not a huge fan of with cloudy days like today would be the lack of sun flare in my images and dramatic back lighting.  Next time I do an overcast shoot, I am thinking of popping on my polarizing filter to see if I can get the colors to pop more also.  These images are considerably lighter than the images I see in photoshop, but when they print they will have more of a color pop.  I still am working on finding a good photoshop recipe for saving for the web without a loss of color saturation.

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