Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jamie Solorio Photography of Redding, CA - Melissa and Quentin Engagement Session Downtown Redding, CA

The rain, my goodness!  We were really unsure about this session.  Poor Melissa and Quentin drove all the way from Burney to let me take pictures of them, and then it started to rain at my house about 20 minutes before their session.  I scrambled to find her number and see what they thought, if we should go ahead and head downtown Redding or re-schedule.  We decided to just go for it, and that we did!  When I arrived downtown Redding it looked like the rain was on it's way, but we actually had the sun without cloud cover most of the time!  So LUCKY were we!!!!  I have to say that I had so much fun with them.  They are such a sweet, easy going pair...perfect for each other.  It was also nice that Quentin happens to be a Sheriff in Burney, so I felt very safe in the belly of Redding...not that is THAT bad, but I have seen some pretty, well....let's just say "interesting" people over there.  Thanks again you guys for making the trip to Redding to take some great engagement photographs.  I plan on putting them up on my new website Jamie Solorio Photography of Redding, CA really soon too!


  1. Wow! The reflection in the puddle is without a doubt my absolute favorite!!! What a capture?!? Congrats on another great job.



  2. I agree...I love, love the reflection in the puddle one!!!