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2nd Saturday ArtHop of Redding, California - February 12th, 2011

This last Saturday night was a ton of fun for me.  I was able to go explore downtown at night along with discover some very talented people during the 2nd Saturday ArtHop of Redding, California.  To start, I was able to buy myself a pair of cute silver earrings from the first artist I met, Joi Borchers of Joitime Jewelry.  Then, I was lucky enough to go see what this Carnegie's place that my husband is always talking about.  Tapa's was my next stop which was really inspirational for me.  Their featured artist Naci Sackett was so great to talk to, somebody who really appreciates all the beauty around us.  Then a great end to the night was getting my face painted by Brianna Scott of Fox Tail Face Painting.

 To begin, I went to Small Shots Gallery located at 2536 Old Eureka Way.  The gallery was kind enough to let Joi Borchers of Joitime Jewelry display all of her beautiful works of art there.  Joi specializes in precious, semi-precious, crystal, czech glass, silver, gold, brass, and beads when creating her custom jewelry.  I was seriously amazed by her vast inventory from fine jewelry to a lotto scratcher necklace with a moose head. 

After speaking with Joi for a bit I discovered that she keeps lots of stock on hand due to the fact that she often comes up with ideas in the middle of the night, quickly jotting them down to not forget.  Then spending the next day(s) creating these custom works.  She can easily create 20 pieces in one day when she gets inspired.  She loves to purchase her supplies from all around, but her favorites are from indian reservations.  So, each piece she creates has a story of her travels and experiences.

If you would like to get in touch with Joi Borchers please contact her at (530)949-9535.  Her business is nestled in the beautiful Shingletown, CA at 9240 Mt. Meadow Rd.

Next on my list was stopping by Carnegie's located at 1600 Oregon Street in Redding, CA.  This restaurant really make me miss Chico, CA.  There was something really special that just makes you want to hang out there with your laptop and eat a sandwich or drink a beer.  Carnegie's was kind enough to host Makin Glass and Pottery along with 14 of their own artists, from first time students to the seasoned crafters.  Be sure to check their site out HERE.

Makin Glass and Pottery teaches home schooled children and many others the different mediums such as stained glass, mosaic art glass, fusing, pottery, lightweight concrete sculpture, art clay silver, lamp working, bead making, batik, print making, paper making, and the always fun tye dye.  With many years experience crafting, you can not go wrong if you are looking to gain a new skill or improve on your existing crafting skills. 

Speaking to one of the owners, she has just recently excepted herself as an "artist", even though she has been crafting all of her life.  She and her Mom own Making Glass and Pottery together and both seemed like very happy people who loved art.  I was really impressed by the display they had set up, not only all the beautiful works presented by themselves and their students, but they also had a demo area.  This demo area had a display showing how to crimp the glass and apply it to lightweight concrete.

The next stop was Tapa's located at 1257 Oregon Street of Redding, CA.  I love this place!  One of the best Mojito's I have ever had was here, along with some AWESOME sweet potato french fries.  You have to go check them out!  Oh, guess I should get back to their featured artist this month...

Nanci Sackett, wow... I just loved speaking with her.  She was so enthusiastic about the beauty that surrounds us each and every day.  How she can look at any mundane item and if the light is hitting it just right, she enjoys its aesthetic qualities.  I couldn't agree more!  Nanci is inspired by the allure of nature and light.  She at times will simply bring her canvas and paints with her and create masterpieces on location.  Nanci has been an artist for as long as she can remember and has been in fine art for 25 years.  You will have to check out her site to see all of her amazing works of art HERE

Her favorite piece that was displayed on Saturday was a painting of a church displayed below.  She likes this painting since it is not her normal niche, she typically paints landscapes not architecture.  Nanci appreciated the old church and its magnificent form, along with the composition of her painting.  She is even considering painting a larger scaled version of this particular painting.

Last on my journey Downtown Redding was to stop by Viva Downtown located at 1725 Market Street next door to the Cascade Theater.  Viva Downtown hosted the very talented and beautiful Brianna Scott.  I have to say that I absolutely loved her whimsical artwork.  I could see many of her works hanging on the walls of my daughters' bedrooms.

Brianna has already been published as the artist for a children's pirate book  "The Three Pirate Brothers".  I flipped through this book as I was waiting to speak to her, she had so many people around her wanting to discuss her art and ask her questions.  Her drawings were so adorable and full of such life.  Some of her  works of art were displayed on the walls within Viva Downtown, and they too were so fun and playful.

Another fun thing that happened to me at this ArtHop was the face painting by the featured artist.  She painted a gorgeous flower along side of my face...sorta wish now that I had a picture of it to show you.  Just take my word for it...super pretty, glittery, and perfect.  Brianna has a business called Fox Tail Face Painting which would be perfect for any birthday party or event.  You can contact her at (541)913-5687 to have your face painted too!

Sorry about the little circles of light on the glass of the bird pulling the little girl, this was just the reflection of hanging lights.

What a fun night and I am looking forward to checking out the 2nd Saturday ArtHop for March of 2011!


Here are a few night street photographs that I captured while walking around downtown that night.

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