Sunday, February 13, 2011

One of the Pictures from My Mid Day Portrait Practice Session

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Here are a couple of shots from my mid day practice shoot with my youngest.  I noticed that I have some blown highlights, but they really don't bother me so much.  Though, next time I practice...I think I will change the exposure a bit or better yet, bracket my shots by -1.0 to under expose a bit to compensate for those blown highlights.  I also noticed that on the bottom picture her skin looks a little flat to me, so I might try and fix that later. 

 Currently I am working on using the Curves Adjustment layer to work on skin tones.  The top picture I used the Curves and noticed a much improved skin tone.  I will have to print it to really see though.  Planning to still edit several more pictures of her from this parking lot, is actually a parking lot that we are in.  There was this tiny grove of oaks right next to us and the light was so pretty inside that we decided to give it a go.  Who woulda thought that a parking lot could be so pretty! :)

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  1. So cute!! Love the light!! And that adorable face. Nice capture!