Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today's 365 Picture - Lighter Uploads on Flickr and How I Darkened the Image.

Well, really it was yesterdays 365 picture, but just got to loading it this afternoon.  I have noticed when I load things onto the Internet (Flickr) that they come out a little bit lighter then when I processed them in Adobe Camera Raw.  As a quick fix in CS5 Photoshop I duplicated my layer (control + J) and then added a blending mode of  "Multiply" at 100% opacity  to darken it, make it closer to what I saw while editing.

OR I just did some research and found this to be more effective.


  1. Beautiful Jamie. Met you in Picture Winter! Love your art!

  2. Thanks Diana! Are you going to sign up for the next version...52 weeks of inspiration? I am seriously thinking about it! :)