Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goals for the Rest of the Week....Maybe. Time to Get Busy!!!

Okay, I seem to find myself with a lot to do and then not doing it.  Here are a couple of things I for sure want to do this week.

1.  Take a picture a 1/20th of a second, why?  Well...over at DPS I read THIS and it just sounded like fun.

2.  Create a few new headers for my blog, and learn how to make them switch.

3.  Finish the Arthop post, pictures are done...just need to write it up.

4. Order some prints from the new professional lab I decided to go through.

5. Think of how I want my new logo and all around image to be for my professional photography...not that I am there yet, just getting things figured out.

6. Post my favorte pictures from all my shoots so far under my Sessions tab under the header of my blog.

I think that is it photography related for now...besides the ongoing research, that I so LOVE to do! :)

Time to get busy!  Just thought I would share this image from the other night...thought it was fitting for me getting some of the things on my list finished in a "timely manner"!  Yes, you know it...I am a huge dork!

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