Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shooting Some Street Scenes in Redding, California

Not too sure why I like this dirty street photograph so much, but I do.

Stopped at a red light and thought how pretty all the lights looked down the street, especially in bokeh!  This action is from MCP's Blog and it was FREE!  So, go check out her site to download your free action for either CS2 and up or Photoshop Elements.  You will be glad you did! :)



  1. oh, golly!

    i actually gasped out loud when i saw that second bokeh shot of the street lights! so LOVE it!

    never been to redding... at least not that i can remember. my choir toured california in college, but that is not one of the cities i recall going to. love your shots!

  2. Thanks Georgia! It was fun walking downtown and seeing it in a different perspective...through my lens.

  3. Thanks Lisa! When are we going to get together and take some pics?