Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daily Inspirational E-mails from Tracey Clark of Picture Inspiration 52

This weeks prompt is all about the selfie!  Here are two that I actually liked. 

So, I tried something new on the bottom image.  I went outside around 2pm, not my usual "golden hour"...an hour or so before sunset.  Trying to broaden my skills...lol.  Anyhow, I took this shot with the light source, aka the sun right behind me up pretty high in the sky still.  Since this was a self portrait, I was difficult to spot meter myself, so I had my youngest fill in for me.  After I set my exposure off of her, I took my first shot.  It was okay, but my face was too much in the shadows...since it was so bright out.

Well, the other day I made myself some poor girl reflectors out of cardboard boxes.  I have 3 white large pieces, 1 huge gold spray painted piece, and 1 silver spray painted one.  Maybe I will take a picture of them and post them tomorrow for you to see.  Anyhow, I propped the gold one to my right against a potted plant, then held the white ones to my left.  You can actually see the catch lights they produced in my eyes.  The biggest catch light is from my big gold reflector and the little ones are from the white reflector.  The gold reflector really added some light back into my face and with a nice warmth to it.

After I took the pictures I did use an action to create that sorta vintage feel.  Shooting in less ideal light  was fun, and a good learning experience.  Though, I forgot to turn my ISO ALL the way down, I did use ISO 200 though.  I could of also tried under exposing the picture too! :)  Maybe I will try again later!  All in all, I was happy with the results.


  1. Amazing self portraits! Gorgeous! (And can I just say, how DO you line your eyes so perfectly?)
    I'm nowhere near ready for selfie photog love. But maybe one of these days I'll work-up the courage.
    :-) A

  2. simply stunning Jamie! Live both, but especially love the first one. Hope to get mine up in the gallery tomorrow. Just returning from Florida. Big fan of your art. Way to go!

  3. Can I just come over to your house and play all day? LOVE , LOVE as usual!