Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why is it that Children are so Afraid to go Down the Hall at Night?

We as parents need to remember what it is like to walk down a dark hallway at night!  The lightness in this picture towards the bottom is light from that door too, crazy!  I think that I might try this again but put a creepy doll in that spillage of light in the foreground.  My daughter just got some of those poreclin dolls which would work perfect, I just won't show her either of these images. :)

I am trying to get back to my 365 project, which I totally slacked on!  So, I figured now would be the best time to do it, and now happened to be super late at night.  Which is why I posted a picture of a door at night! LOL.  And why I want to try it again with a doll tomorrow night, since my bed is so cozy at the moment!

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  1. Jamie...I friggen love you! I saw the tittle of this post and thought to myself "Oh sh*t! I know exactly what she means!" And scary enough, I knew what the pic was going to be! Do I know you too well? Great haunting pic. But no dolls needed. That would be too predictable. I think that this is scary enough! Cuz I remember those walks down the hall. And that is what it felt like! To a T!