Thursday, March 17, 2011

Telling a Story in Ten Frames...

I plan researching telling a story in ten frames.  When I went to the Shasta Photography Club meeting at the beginning of the month this was the new scavenger hunt idea.  What fun, plus a great way to help me with making a photograph more meaningful,  by telling the story behind it visually.

So, I am going to do a little research tonight on how to create the best visual story I can. Then when the weather is nice rain and some sun, I am going to go out with my trusty tripod and camera and document "A Day Through Jamie's Eyes" or "A Day Through My Eyes" something along those lines.

No picture today...having issues with CS5 and hopefully my hubby will fix it for me tonight!  My scratch disk is full and there are some steps I need to have him complete before I can play in Photoshop.

My 2nd Saturday ArtHop post is completed, just need Photoshop up and running to reduce my images for the web so images upload soon as my program is fixed...I will post the images. :)

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