Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shasta Photography Club Print Competition Tonight on Structures and my Entry is an Image of the Sundial Bridge of Redding, CA in the Fog

This image was taken about a month ago during some serious fog here in Redding, California.  The name of the beautiful bridge is the Sundial Bridge.  I have another image from the same night HERE if you wanted to check out the greenish deck of the bridge.

Each month the photography club that I joined has a competition and a guest judge critique the images and pick best of show.  So, I am a bit nervous putting something up on the wall for the first time tonight during the Shasta Photography Club meeting!  But, how else can I hear an honest critique?  Wish me luck! 

*****Just got back from the meeting*****

They picked my picture for 1st place in the Novice group!!!  I was so embarrassed to even put it up, since I showed right on time when the meeting was starting and everybody was sitting down already.  So, I asked one of the main guys in charge to put it up for me...which he asked a very nice lady to do it for me and she did...thank goodness.  Exciting!


  1. WOW, beautiful light Jaimie!

  2. I came to look at your iHeart faces entry (which is awesome BTW) but this image is incredible. I love strong diagonal lines. really interesting image.

  3. Thanks for your guys comments...that is so nice of you! :)