Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tracey Clark's Picture Inspiration Prompt this Week was "Motif"

This week in Tracey Clark's Picture Inspiration the prompt was "Motif".  Wow, I really had a hard time with this one.    To begin, the weather has been awful...so the lack of light has been a serious issue for me.  The "Motif" of this shot is "All Girl" from earrings, necklaces, heels, and a tiny tot's feet.  There are a lot of circles in this shot as well, which helps capture the repetitive pattern.  I also am working on foreground, middle ground and background this week...so I was happy with accomplishing that.

Question though?  Why don't my feet look this cute in these heels?


  1. What a great shot! And those shoes are to die for! Love them. So classic.
    I haven't taken my motif photo yet. Having such a hard time with this week.

  2. The tiny tots feet might look cute but I bet they look gorgeous on you. I haven't worn heels since becoming a mom. Love the vintage look of this shot. Well done on the theme ... it's a very creative interpretation, I think.