Monday, March 14, 2011

I Heart Faces - Sun Flare Challenge this Week

This weeks challenge from I Heart Faces is Sun Flare with a face in it.  You should go check it out and enter their weekly challenges.

One of my favorite photographs of these two.  You can never go wrong with a little sun flare and a kiss between a mother and daughter.


  1. I love how it makes her hair look so soft. Excellent shot.

  2. Beautiful beautiful! If I was your client I would absolutely love this image! Heck I'm not your client and I love it :o)


  3. What a beautiful relationship captured so well.

  4. What a sweet moment you captured!

  5. Hi Jamie...just got your comment in the Picture Inspiration gallery and then popped over here to see your blog! Love this photo by they way. :)
    Yes, I thought about doing something with the parking meters but was too lazy to do it. Ha! Then I decided I liked them cuz it gave it the city-vibe.